My first NTU Final Exam

Today (yes... now is 0024 of 19th of Nov 2009) is the day of my first final exam paper -- HE191 (Principles of Economics)
After preparing for so many days (due to the low speed of revising)
Hopefully I can use all I have during the exam (who knows my mind may become blank?)

Although Econs is quite fun to study
But I don't want to study it for exam anymore.....
So gambateh!!

For every NTU mates out there
Do your best for your FINAL!! ^^V


Suddenly I feel like want to try out my new headphone (which I had keep for a while)
Is a free gift when I bought my printer in Singapore
I was surprised by the headphones which is a very good quality
and I was in love to the sound from the headphone

the only problem is
I can't listen external sound when I am wearing my headphone
So don't talk to me when I am with my headphone ya~

Model: Audio-Technica ATH-SJ1

Time Dilation Fantasy

Now I m hoping that I can move with a velocity near to the speed of light
So that time dilation occurs
and my time for a day can be double....

Conservation of Energy Fantasy

By the law of conservation of energy
Energy cannot be created nor destroyed
But can transform from one form to another

By this law
when a human is under a fan,
the transformation of energy should be
chemical energy  -- > electrical energy --> mechanical energy --> chemical energy (human brain mechanism)

if you used to much energy to study
try to sit under the fan and absorb energy ^^

legal or illegal?

I told myself a long time ago
I wont do things illegally anymore
but if you want to have collection legally
you need to pay a high price too... T.T
that's y, i m still a person between illegal and legal
because NO MONEY NO TALK!!

Now I m streaming music from a website
which is the artist own website
where you can stream his music from the site ^^
but still
if you wan to own his music

Sudden change of template

Due to unexpected sudden disappearance of my blog background
I need to change my template again
While everyone is mugging for their CAs and Final
I am busy editing my background :p
Study also not that hard working... >.<

Jon Schmidt

There's one time that in the facebook
Many ppl posting "Love Story meets Love Story" by Jon Schmidt
I use the weblink posted at the end of the video
And I found Jon Schimdt web page
which can listen to his song online


Chris Brown

Usually I wont like R&B music
But after I 'steal' Chris Brown's song from a friend
I kind of in love in Chris Brown voice
Although I don't like Chris Brown due to Rihanna's case....


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