Windows 7

I change my window to windows 7
hopefully can be better than Windows Vista (which is a hell)
Format everything and install everything
for a new beginning

Old friends gathering

Picture curi from 麦
 These photos are took in Pizza Hut and Secret Recipe ( I love marble cheese cake!!)

It had been after 4 months I had time to meet my secondary school friends
Miss them a lot ^^
Still waiting 麦 to upload the photos on facebook
so that I can have new photo~

KL shopping

On the 4th and 5th of December
I went to KL to shopping ^^
and bought a lot of things
(hair accessories, nail polish, books and cds...)

I bought a new wallet (again...)
and OneRepublic new album~ woohoo~

The best place on Earth~ Home

After two months,
I finally can come back to my home
No matter which place are better in any way
The best place for me is still my home and my country

And as I am now in Sitiawan
that mean I am now free from exam!!
At least for now ^^

For those who still having exam~ gambateh!


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