Update: Work or Personal Life?

Really long time didn't update, like disappearing from blogging XD
Feel likes want to reactivate my blog
So... What should I write? Work or Personal Life?
For personal life... nothing much
Just living freely and slacking freely.... well for now.... (4 months holidays!! but I m going back to work soon... T.T)
For work... ya... I m going back Sg next Friday (should I be sad or happy?)
Bring my dear dear bestie to go around sg for about three days
And then start my working life in sg (morning till evening) until school starts
To gain experience for my resume~ yeah~

Basically, is nothing much to blog
Only my life after the miserable month of finals XD

OK, I promise I will study hard for next semester... again... (I swear)
(nothing liao...)

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